Further Earthworks on the Extension

Further lorry loads, equating to tons of earth, have been delivered to our site for the use of landscaping the adjoining land around the raised railway track extension.

Work is continuing at a pace, but by far the biggest challenge will be the construction of the viaduct. Brick facing of the supporting pillars is progressing well, and once the track-bed is completed across, the extension will be ready for the commencement of track laying. Sadly the ground works still require some back-breaking labour (perhaps made a little easier with the use of machinery!) and fettling to build up to a safe height – we are building a railway after all, not a rollercoaster!

At the time of writing, strengthening of the retaining wall to hold back the embankment on the eastern boundary is taking shape. The large support irons are being inserted into the ground by 4 feet to support the wall itself. Many tons of earth need to be held back!

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