Progress on extension work has been steady.

New gates have been installed at the lower connection point to match those that have been present for some time now at the northern point of connection. Further to this, fencing along the embankment of the track-bed into the field is being installed at the time of writing, with much of it in place and being treated in anticipation of the winter weather to come. The viaduct is structurally complete and painting has now finished. Now looking a splendid feature.

Now that the running season for this year has ended, this is allowing all attending members to work on the track laying. This has progressed very well and track has been built and laid as far as the top curve. That is from the southern connection point heading north over the viaduct and stops, at the time of writing, at the start of the curve at the top of the balloon loop.

Saturday 30th September marked a significant step in the extension project, as the southern connection was completed. This means the upright columns, track bed beams and track itself has been connected. The first train to leave our station and pass over the connection and as far as the track goes – the top curve – ran on this day, albeit powered by electricity and technically an engineer’s train, driven by the Chairman Malcolm Place, with project manager and founding member Neville Watts, and Malcolm Barmby, who has been heavily involved with several structures on the extension, aboard.